Drug Detox in Edwardsville, IL

If you sometimes ponder whether you might be addicted to drugs, chances are good that you are. You might also wonder if drug detox in Edwardsville is right for you. Most people who check into inpatient drug and alcohol detox centers leave the facility feeling more positive about life than they have in years. Drug detox treatment at a qualified addiction treatment center can help you or your loved one make it through the detoxification process comfortably and confidentially. Edwardsville Alcohol Rehab Centers can help you find a treatment facility that can help you obtain sobriety.

What Drug Detox Is

Withdrawal, also called ‘detoxification' or ‘kicking' is an unavoidable phase in the drug detox process when an addict ceases consumption of an addictive drug. Opiate pain medications, crack and powdered cocaine, and methamphetamine or ‘speed' are drugs commonly used by people who seek drug detox for addiction. It is worth noting that a similar withdrawal process occurs when an alcoholic person stops consuming liquor. A high-quality addiction treatment center in Edwardsville can help you on the promising road to recovery.

Detoxifying is a natural process that can be quite miserable, especially for those persons who are super dependent on drugs. Fortunately, a well-respected drug detox treatment facility can offer a range of treatment options to ease a patient through the most disturbing parts of the detox process. Whether via medical intervention or by "going cold turkey," drug detox in Edwardsville or anywhere is an imperative early step on the path to wellness and recovery, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Withdrawal Symptoms Commonly Associated with Drug Detox

The initial hours and days of drug detox in Edwardsville can be more than intense, especially for users who are accustomed to taking a substantial amount of legally prescribed or illegally obtained opiates or other highly addictive drugs. Within hours of the last dose or ‘hit,' the addict experiences anxiety. They may feel agitated, uneasy, and sweat profusely. Watery eyes and a runny nose are common in the earliest stages of the drug detox process.

This is a tender time when the addict is likely to seek relief by way of drugs. It's also the ideal time to speak with someone at a drug detox treatment center. The personnel at a licensed drug detox treatment facility have the skills, medical options, and drug detox programs that make ‘kicking' the habit so much easier than trying to do it alone.

As drug withdrawals progress, symptoms become more intense. The addict may experience overwhelming sleeplessness and fatigue that can last for a week or longer. Tremors, ‘the shakes' and involuntary leg kicking may occur. Most recovering addicts describe detox symptoms as the sickest they've ever been. At the same time, most addicts who hang tough and kick their habit with the smart assistance of a qualified center for drug detox say that it was one of the best things they ever did for themselves.

Should I Enter a Drug Detox Center?

If you spend the majority of your money and time on ‘scoring' and using drugs, and if you want control of your life back, yes. You should enter drug detox in Edwardsville or wherever you live. The duration of your stay will hinge on the type of drug or drugs you use, how long you've been using them, and the overall state of your physical and mental health. According to the National Institutes on Health, drug detox in Edwardsville can be an arduous albeit manageable process that may necessitate ninety or more days or more in a center for drug detox. For a range of reasons, many people are wary of undergoing drug detox in Edwardsville. Some see a stigma attached to spending time in an inpatient rehab in Edwardsville. This attitude prevents some people from seeking the treatment they need to get well.

Recovering addicts who maintain attendance at outpatient therapy and peer support groups after drug detox and rehab tend to fare far better where relapse is concerned. For some people, several tries at a drug rehab facility may be necessary to achieve long term sobriety. That's okay. Whatever it takes, cleaning up by way of drug detox in Edwardsville is well worth the time and effort. Call Edwardsville Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (618) 215-2270.

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