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When you read or hear the word ‘addiction,' what do you see? Maybe you imagine a troubled and untidy heroin addict furtively pacing in an alley, anxious to meet with their drug dealer. Maybe your mind's eye envisions a mucky alcoholic asleep on a sidewalk. These are the extremes of addiction and not always accurate. In truth, an alcoholic or drug addict can be anyone. They may wear a badge, a lab coat, or a designer suit. An addict can look just like you. Substance dependence looks different on each individual. Fortunately, addiction treatment in Edwardsville is only a phone call away. They can refer you to reputable alcohol rehab centers in Edwardsville that may lead you to sobriety.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic condition characterized by compulsion no matter the consequences. Persons who are dependent on drugs or drink will go to great lengths to obtain and consume their substance of choice. They may cheat, steal, and lie to their friends and family. They may lose their home, their job, and their marriage. They may discard their friends and replace them with bartenders and drug dealers. Contact Edwardsville Alcohol Rehab Centers for guidance (618) 215-2270.

With long-term drug or alcohol use, lasting brain changes may occur. Some of these alterations may be so severe that the addict cannot resist the craving. Addiction-related brain changes may persist years after the addict has stopped using. That's why ex-addicts are always at risk of a relapse. It is imperative for drug users and alcohol abusers to kick their habit with professional guidance. Such addiction treatment in Edwardsville may be obtained at well-respected drug and alcohol treatment centers. Follow up recovery support groups and programs for addiction treatment increase the addict's odds of staying clean and sober for a lifetime.

Addiction can make a person behave in ways that are not in line with their morals and beliefs. They may spend cash they can't afford in order to keep a supply of intoxicants on hand. Addicts may drive a car while impaired and engage in other risky or illegal behaviors, say dependency experts at Mayo Clinic.

Why Does One Become an Addict

Someone with a family history of alcoholism or drug addiction is more likely to become addicted themselves. Males are typically more affected by addiction than females. At the same time, females are apt to become addicted faster than their male counterparts.

A coexisting mental health condition may cause a person to be more prone to drug addiction and alcoholism. Those with post-traumatic stress syndrome, or PTSD, are more apt to become addicted to drugs. Depression is another risk factor for a chronic addition that may be treated at a competent and compassionate drug and alcohol rehab facility. So is peer pressure, especially among young people. The types of drugs taken may increase a person's propensity to addiction.

Peer group meetings are essential to lifelong recovery. Counselors who specialize in addiction treatment in Edwardsville can tell you where to find group meetings where you will discover a supportive community of persons who completely understand your situation because they've been there, too.

Why Should I Enter an Addiction Treatment Center?

Any man or woman who desires freedom from a hefty dependence on alcohol or drugs would do themselves a fine favor by checking into an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. People who are nervous about going through drug detox in Edwardsville will be relieved to understand that medical options may be prescribed to soothe the discomfort of withdrawal.

If you or someone you love might need professional and confidential addiction treatment in Edwardsville, please contact a drug and alcohol rehab center without delay. Addiction is a slippery problem that's just about impossible to solve without professional assistance. In fact, ‘kicking' a strong habituation to liquor or drugs without help can be more than dangerous.

Addiction Treatment in Edwardsville is the proper solution for any man or woman who has the desire to regain control of their life and happiness. Call Edwardsville Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (618) 215-2270.

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